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Family Law

I will guide you during your time of need, taking the burden off your shoulders.

Areas of Family Law

  • Child Custody

  • Child Support*

  • Paternity

  • Guardianship

  • Orders of Protection 

  • Abuse/ Neglect

*For certain Child Support cases, you can have the payor reimburse you for your attorney fees.

Legal issues are never easy to deal with, but this is certainly true when it involves the most crucial aspect of your life - FAMILY.  Issues involving Family Law can be emotional and confusing. Tara understands the emotional toll Family Court cases can have on her clients, and that is why she will hold your hand through the entire process while being compassionate to your sensitive situation.  


Tara has an appreciation of the sensitive and highly personal nature of the issues involved in Family Court cases.  At Madden Law, Tara  understands that each client, and their situation, are unique and strive to provide services based on each client’s personal and legal goals.

You don’t have to attempt navigating Family Court on your own.

Call for a FREE case evaluation!

Mistakes handling your Family Court case can last a lifetime. 

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